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5 ways to make your morning coffee healthier!

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day although for most of us, it can prove a real tiresome chore—not before we’ve had our morning coffee!

On that same note, studies show that drinking coffee has a lot of benefits. So why not combine them? Find out some ways to pack some nutrition into your daily morning coffee routine.

1. Add cinnamon

Adding even a pinch of this pantry staple can boost antioxidants, lower your blood sugar and even help reduce risk of heart disease! Also, it adds a festive flavour boost.

2. Add chocolate

Okay, this isn’t a call to melt a Cadbury bar into your coffee. Adding some unsweetened cocoa is a recipe for homemade mocha goodness! Cocoa is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, helps to lower blood pressure, balance cholesterol and even manage type 2 diabetes. Gimme that mocha now!

3. Add coconut oil

While coconut oil may not contribute to many health benefits, it does help you stay fuller and make your coffee taste extra creamy while giving you instant tropical vibes.

4. Add butter

If you haven’t heard of Bulletproof coffee, this is your sign to try it. People claim butter coffee gives them more energy, improves their brain function and aids in weight loss — especially great for those on a keto diet.

5. Add oats

This one is a no brainer. Think overnight oats, but infused with coffee. It packs in fibre and minerals like magnesium, zinc, manganese, selenium, and iron — a perfect morning meal in a cup!


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