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Rebuilding Togetherness

For many, the past couple of years have brought about a lot of anxiety and stress—especially when it comes to meeting up with people. For many who have remained isolated, whether it’s to protect themselves or their loved ones at home, it may have been increasingly difficult to hold on to relationships.

“People are second-guessing some of their friendships and relationships based on how people behaved during the pandemic.” Racine Henry, a marriage and family therapist,

As restrictions are lifted and things return to some normalcy after two years of cancelled plans, social distancing and staying home, it may be awkward to look at rebuilding relationships and friendships. While some relationships may be past the point of reconciliation, there are still many more that can be worked on—this includes relationships with family.

Here are some ideas of how to rebuild togetherness in a post-pandemic world.

Look for opportunities to connect

Whether its commenting on their stories on social media, being intentional about dropping them a text, or even picking up the phone to call—finding ways to connect with family and friends is a stepping stone to rebuilding relationships.

Rediscover a common ground

For many people, priorities have shifted throughout these two years. Some may have new family dynamics, or have had major life-changes such as jobs and more. The things that may have been a common interest before may be different now. In order to rebuild the relationship, rediscover what you have in common.

Organise meetups in safe environments

While many people are still hesitant to meet up with people, especially if they have high-risk family at home, meeting in outdoor environments or places where masks can be worn is a good option. This gives you the chance to connect face-to-face while still maintaining the safety you need.

Send food or a care pack to show you care

Opting to send a food delivery or a care package is a great way to remind them that you care—and are still invested in the relationship. Plus it gives you the opportunity to reconnect when they call or text to say thanks.

Stay consistent

Taking the first step to reconnect may be hard but remaining consistent is the key to rebuilding those relationships. Stay in touch and find ways to maintain some sense of consistency in communication.


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