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Making Coffee On Your Travels

When you’re traveling and you love coffee, you would also want to ensure you are getting a good brew to help you kick start your day. This is why it’s probably best not to leave the coffee aspect of your travel to chance.

Of course, when you’re on the road, you will require different essentials. Three keys are important: portability, durability, and packability.

1. Portability

Simplicity is key. Opting for manual brewers ensures you will still be able to make your coffee even without a power source.

2. Durability

We all know packing fragile items into our luggage may not always go well. Pack items that would be able to take a beating.

3. Packability

Coffee brewing gear come in all shapes and sizes—there’s really something for everyone. Keep in mind your luggage space when packing.


Step 1: Choose your coffee

Step 1: Choose pre-ground or beans

You can opt to bring along pre-ground coffee or roasted beans

Step 1a: Choose your grinder

Bringing along beans allows you to get the freshest brew, opt for a compact hand grinder like a Porlex Mini.

Step 2: Pick your brewing device

The Aeropress - one of the most popular travel brewing devices as it isn’t something that requires much effort. Bonus is also that it comes in a handy travel bag.

The Nanopresso - an eco-friendly brewing solution that makes espresso with just your hands. No additional gadgets or filters required.

A Moka Pot - while considered a manual brewer, it does require a stove and/or fire to work. Perfect for camping trips!

A Travel Press - the most convenient brewer of them all. A combination between a French press and a travel tumbler so you can easily add your coffee grounds and fill up with hot water wherever. Bonus that you can also use it for tea.

Step 3: Additional equipment

A portable kettle - if in case the place you’re traveling to does not have a kettle ready, or if you’re headed to a campsite. Opt for a portable electric kettle

A pocket scale - relevant if you’re not one to simply guess how much coffee and water is going into your brews

Food-safe thermometer - necessary if you want to get the right temperature for your water in order to extract the best flavours from your coffee

Now go and enjoy your travels!


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