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Hari Raya Food

Hari Raya this year definitely looks very different to the years before. Since we are not unable to visit each others homes and enjoy all the various delicacies, we've put together a list of Raya delicacies that you could buy from a local vendor and enjoy the Raya mood. Happy Feasting!

Assorted Kuih Muih

Talk about diversity and indiscrimination, the kuih muih of the Malay cuisine is the perfect definition of that, but in the form of aesthetically appeasing edibles. Every bite of each kuih is just as delightful as the next. Sweet. Delectable. Bite-sized. There’s your reason for a post Raya workout.


This humble combination of glutinous rice and coconut milk made its way into the heart of locals, effectively cementing its place as one one of Malaysia's signature heritage delicacies. Lemang is essentially coconut sticky rice wrapped in fragrant banana leaves, then stuffed into hollow bamboo sticks and roasted over fire. Commonly served in cylindrical slices, lemang makes for a flavourful accompaniment to curry or rendang dishes.


It’s everybody’s favourite Raya dish! Rendang is a thick, aromatic gravy usually cooked with beef, though any meat can be used, made with 13 herbs, spices and ingredients from the garden including: lemongrass, ginger, galangal, garlic, onions, coriander, fennel and cumin seed, pounded star anise, chilli paste, soy sauce, toasted coconut and finally coconut milk.


The holy grail of meat flosses, Malaysian style. A finger food or simply an innocent indulgence. All we know is once you start, you can hardly stop at these savoury delights.


Originated from Indonesia, lontong, also known as sayur lodeh, is a combination of nasi impit and delicious creamy dish of coconut milk boiled with vegetables such as eggplant, long beans, green chili pepper, tofu, tempeh and many more. Tumeric powder also find its way into the dish to turn the dish yellow and add a little extra flavour.

Quite contrast to the typical hari raya food, it is soothing and light. Ideal to be consumed with serunding or sambal bilis.


Broadly picked as the symbol for Hari Raya, the ketupat is made of rice boiled in a diamond-shaped pack of handwoven palm leaf strips.

Once cooked, the ketupat is peeled open, cut into pieces and served with rendang dishes, chicken satay and sauced with a crunchy peanut dressing and chunked cucumber adding balance to the rich sauce.


What is this chocolate look alike? It is actually a sticky sweet dessert made from coconut milk, cane sugar and rice flour. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Kek Lapis

You can almost always find this sitting on the tables at every house. Known as the layered cake, this snack comes in different variations – there are traditional ones and those with intricate designs.


Loved by everyone across Southeast Asia! This dish is not only eaten during Hari Raya, but it still makes the perfect snack for Ramadan. These are skewed grilled meats dipped in peanut sauce and accompanied with nasi impit (rice cakes).

Honey Cornflakes

What do you get when you mix cereal, honey and butter? You get the famous honey cornflakes! These golden baskets of yumminess are loved by children and adults alike.


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