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Fontana Formiello Gastronomia


Italy, a country of diversity, from the foothills of the Alps in the north to the sun-drenched Mediterranean in the far south. This varied topography has shaped a revered culinary tradition that is deeply connected to the land and rich in regional nuances.


Fontana FORMIELLO Gastronomia has hand-picked some of the very finest artisanal Italian foods, from superior store-cupboard essentials to gourmet regional rarities, all sourced directly from the producer.


Our family began serving and trading food from around Italy in our small gastronomia in Salerno's Mercato San Severino in 1903. Today we supply our Fontana FORMIELLO Gastronomia products worldwide, with the aim of bringing Italy's most distinctive and best regional specialities to a global audience.

Risotto Rice

Grains & Flour